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HanDan Jinyu Taihang 1st economic working conference of 2016 held successfully

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On Jan 25th, company Opening working conference of 2016 held in multifunctional hall. All the leading group members, middle-level leaders, worker representative and advanced representative, a total of 240 people attended the conference.

At the meeting, manager Wang Dongshu made a presentation  of administrative work Make a conclusion of economic work complete condition of 2015 and make a work arrangement of 2016; Deputy secretary of party committee Yan Haifeng made a presentation of party committee work; Chief engineer Meng Fanxing, vice manager Ma Xianqi, vice manager Hao Zhiyong respectively announce the decesion of bonus payment. Company leaders presenting awards to advanced units and Individuals.

Chairman & secretary of party committee Li Huaijiang made a important speech. In 2016's work, he emphasized to understand the situation clearly, reacquaint self, work accordance with the system, arm with advanced thinking, govern enterprise severely, using work style of new normal to push-forward 13th five-year-plan, build successfully JinYu building-material base in south of HeBei province at full stretch!

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